What We Offer - Contact Lenses


Contact lenses have been around for more than a century but there have been some amazing developments in contact lens technology in the past ten years. The simple result is that more people can now wear contact lenses and have a wider range to choose from than ever before.

Contact lenses are quickly becoming the eyewear of choice and new manufacturing methods mean that they are now extremely affordable. There are lenses available to suit most budgets which is why there are now over 3.5 million contact lens wearers in the UK alone.

Our opticians at Maxivise fully understand that, for many people, the thought of putting lenses in their eyes can be quite frightening.   Our eyecare team members are specially trained to teach you how to put contact lenses in correctly, how to take them out and how to store them if they are not disposable.

We offer a free trial on all major brands of contact lenses and have a wide range of Acuvue lenses in stock. If you are thinking of breaking away from constant spectacle use then give us a call or pop in to one of our eyecare centres. A member of our eyecare team will be happy to provide any information or advice that you need.